Eat for the planet

Campaign / Concept / app design

Eat for the planet is a concept intending to increase the awareness of the food we eat and how it affects our environment. I worked on this project during my exchange semester in Singapore. I realized that I had a different view on what issues there are of food habits in today’s society and wanted to bring attention to this topic. In the concept, I also aimed to make it easier for people to consume and prepare food that tastes good but has a lower climate impact. 

After research and data gathering, I realized that most Singaporeans think of food waste when talking about how food affects the environment. I wanted to shift the focus to how the ingredients we choose to eat impacts the planet and how easy it is to change. I created an infographic poster as a first step to address the issue and make people interested in the topic without reprimanding their behavior. The other part of the concept – recipe folders for supermarkets – consists of recipes and facts about how easy it is to change the environmental impact of the food we eat. It also markets an app that can track the environmental impact of the food, provides easy plant-based recipes, and educate how different ingredients affect our planet. The app also makes it possible to scan products in a store to get information about it. By bringing awareness to the issue, I wanted to make Singaporeans question their behavior without making them feel guilty. I also wanted to give people the tools to cook more climate-friendly food and show how easily they can change their environmental impact.

Project: Create a concept to raise awareness on one of the issues in today’s society

Food In app
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