Cincai Lah!

Branding / Identity design / Concept 

During my exchange semester in Singapore, I met a person that was starting a Singaporean “random anything store” named Cincai Lah!. He had a logo finished but needed help with marketing and illustrations, and I helped him out. Cincai lah is one of the Singaporean slang words I learned that I had never heard of before. It’s another term for anything or whenever. It can also describe actions where the person does what he or she feels like doing. The meaning of it is a bit difficult to translate into English but in this project, I did my best to convey its expression.

The design was supposed to be a bit random, playful, and suitable for a younger audience. I developed a pattern inspired by logotype and created a graphic identity. Then I used the pattern to create and brand business cards, posters, packaging, and web materials. 

Project: Make branding illustrations and a graphic identity

Cincailah logo
Adobe Photoshop PDF
Cincai Lah!
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